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Immigration Services

Temporary Residence Visa

Under the Categories: Visitor for Holiday, Business & Medical Treatment purposes, Relatives, Cross-National Marriage / Life Partnership, Study, Retirement, Work (Critical Skills, Intra-Company Transfer, General Work Visas) and Own Business / Self-Employment Visa.

The above Visa Services include:
  • Dependent Visa for immediate family members: Accompany breadwinner Spouse Visa & Accompany Parent Visa

  • First Visa Overseas & Visa Extensions from within the RSA

  • Transfers of Valid Temporary Visa from Old to New Passports

  • Assistance with Critical Skills Evaluations to assess eligibility for Critical Skills Work Visa

  • Preparation of Appeal Applications in response to rejections or refusals of Visa / Permit applications by the SA Dept Home Affairs

  • Preparation of Waiver Applications for exemption from specific Immigration Regulation requirements

  • Preparation of Upliftment Applications for foreign nationals who have been declared Undesirable Persons for overstay of the validity period of their Visa.

  • Advice on Expired (Overstay) & Invalid Visa

  • Expediting of long outstanding Temporary Residence Visa, Permanent Resident Permits and SA ID Document Applications  

Permanent Residence Permits

Under the Categories: Work, Own Business / Self Employment, Retirement, Cross-National Marriage / Permanent Life Partnerships, Spouse, Child or Parent of SA Citizen / SA Permanent Resident, Financially Independent (Net Asset Worth)

Critical Skills Work Visas

PABC are Critical Skills Work Visa Specialists

South Africa is seeking critically skilled professionals including the following:

  • IT Specialists

  • Engineers & Architects

  • Senior Management Professionals

  • Scientists & Environmental Specialists

  • Architects & Actuaries

South African Qualifications Authority Evaluation (SAQA)

PABC provides advice and guidance with the preparation of applications to SAQA for the evaluation of foreign qualifications. This is a basic requirement for Critical Skills & General Work Visa.

South African Police Clearance Certificates

PABC submits applications for SA Police Clearance Certificates within South Africa on behalf of clients who are abroad. This is a basic requirement for Work & Own Business, Relatives & Spousal Visa, Study and Retired Person Visa applications submitted abroad.

Translation of Foreign Certificates

PABC assists with official translations of foreign certificates (e.g Birth, Marriage, Divorce & Qualification Certificates)  by Sworn Translators as required by the SA Immigration Act. All Certificates in foreign languages submitted as supporting documentation with SA Visa / Permit applications are required to be translated into English by reputable Sworn Translators.

Lodgement of Visa Applications at VFS Centres

PABC assists with lodgement of Visa applications abroad as well as assisting with submission of Visa / Permit applications countrywide in the RSA at VFS Centres located at Johannesburg & Pretoria (Gauteng), Cape Town & Port Elizabeth (Western Cape) as well as Durban & Pietermaritzburg (Kwa-Zulu Natal).

Did You Know...

PABC Offers Other Add-On Services

  • Assistance with new SA Company Registrations

  • Assistance with SA Professional Body Registrations & Certifications

  • Drafting of Notarial Life Partnership Agreements

  • Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts

  • Officiation of Marriages

  • Assistance with Registrations of Birth, Marriage & Divorce Decrees

  • Drafting of Chartered Accountant Certificates

  • Drafting of Letters: Business Invitation Letters & Letters of Support

  • Apostille of Documents

  • Assistance with Applications for SA Medical Insurance Cover

  • Review & Drafting of Curriculum Vitae / Resumes for foreign job seekers


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